Augenuntersuchungen für Kontaktlinsenträger: Was sind die Vorteile?

Regular eye exams

How often should you get your eyes checked? As often as recommended by your eye care professional. They will ensure that you are seeing as clearly and comfortably as possible. Having good eye health is not just about being able to see 20/20. During an eye examination, your eye care professional can also spot a variety of health conditions.

Getting your eyes checked regularly ensures that you have healthy eyes, which are critical to your overall quality of life.

A frequent eye exam also reminds you that contact lenses are medical devices that need to be worn, replaced and cleaned as prescribed by your doctor. Following a contact lens regimen is important because it can play a huge role in your overall success in wearing contacts.

Right lens for you

An eye exam provides a good opportunity to be honest with your doctor about how your lenses feel as you shouldn’t have to compromise on comfort when wearing them. A lot of my patients say they’re satisfied with their current daily disposable contact lenses, but I know many rely on eye drops, reduce their wear time or settle for end-of-day discomfort as a ‘normal’ cost of wearing contact lenses. They don’t believe their lenses are at fault and often blame their own lifestyle.

If your lenses aren’t comfortable, let your doctor know so they can offer an alternative solution to better suit your needs. Sometimes, it can be as simple as trying an advanced lens material.

Rock climber needs lenses to perform

Contact lens innovation

Using the analogy of Apple products and having a new iPhone, most of us like to upgrade every few years because the device has something better to offer. It is the same with contact lenses.

Improved features such as higher oxygen transmissibility, high definition optics, softer materials and UV protection can offer something you may not currently have.

Patients often don’t know there is something better available, but most are eager to try the “latest and greatest” and are happy to know that their doctor is staying up to date on new innovations and looking out for their eye health. By fitting patients with new lenses or upgrading their existing lens, we can improve their overall contact lens wearing experience.

Eye Exam best practice

The best way for an eye care professional to improve your lens-wearing experience is to listen, ask questions and understand your visual demands. For example, do you use a computer at work, a tablet at home or check emails on your phone, or all of these? By digging deeper and finding out what your daily struggles are with your current eyewear, your eye care professional can better appreciate your lifestyle and how you use your eyes, and then can offer the best technology to suit your needs. Most patients want a life without compromise, doing what they love to do.

When an eye care professional can offer a more advanced contact lens that gives you independence, confidence and the ability to embrace life, they’ve done a 

Contact lens trial: It’s your turn

Discover what it takes to go beyond with Bausch+Lomb ULTRA® ONE DAY contact lenses All you need to do is follow three simple steps: First, click on the link below to find an eye care professional near you LOCATION PIN Second, fill out the online form and we’ll send a voucher to your inbox MOBILE DEVICE Third, redeem your voucher with an eye care professional GIFT Contact your eye care professional to book an eye exam and receive your free* five-day trial of Bausch+Lomb ULTRA® ONE DAY lenses. Now you’re ready to take on the best of what life has to offer!  

Your lens trial story

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“With my previous contact lenses, my eyes started to feel dry after about nine hours of lens wear. I feel less dryness with these new lenses,” Participant, Basuch+Lomb ULTRA® ONE DAY lens trial2

New to contact lenses?

If you need vision correction, you may be one of many people who can wear contact lenses.  “Contact lenses can be life-changing,” says Christina Chan, optometrist with a practice in Ontario, Canada. “They can give you the freedom to do sports and activities where glasses would otherwise get in the way. They can also help improve your confidence,” says Christina. When you get fit for contact lenses, your eye care professional ensures a good contact lens fit. He or she will also teach you how to apply and remove your lenses easily before taking your free trial home.

“They are so easy to insert and to remove” Participant, Basuch+Lomb ULTRA® ONE DAY lens trial2.

The time is now to experience Bausch+Lomb ULTRA® ONE DAY contact lenses. Get started with a free trial!

Going beyond comfort1: Live the ultra life

  When you want to get the best from life at work and play, you need your contact lenses to perform to your high standards. That’s how Bausch+Lomb ULTRA® ONE DAY lenses help you go beyond your expectations of daily contacts to experience exceptional comfort1. With two breakthrough technologies working together to provide long-lasting moisture and outstanding comfort for a full 16 hours of wear, you can live your life without compromise2.  

Contact lens comfort all-day

“This is the most comfortable contact lens I have ever worn,” says a wearer on the Bausch+Lomb ULTRA® ONE DAY lens testing panel, while another wearer says, “I feel like I’m not wearing contact lenses”3. The reason? Advanced MoistureSeal® Technology retains 96% of moisture creating a moisture-rich environment for long-lasting wear4. While ComfortFeel® Technology enriches lenses with a solution containing unique ingredients that are released into your eyes for all-day comfort5. The result? “These new lenses are very comfortable to wear. My eyes used to feel very dry and the lenses felt like they were coming off after not even half a day. I don’t have that feeling anymore,” says wearer on the Bausch+Lomb ULTRA® ONE DAY lens testing panel3.

84% of wearers agree Bausch+Lomb ULTRA® ONE DAY contact lenses reduced irritation and discomfort1.

“With Bausch+Lomb ULTRA® ONE DAY contact lenses, I don’t have to blink as frequently to keep my eyes moist” 3.


Work-life-eyes balance

Long days in the office followed by visits to the gym and nights out can affect how healthy your eyes feel. But when life is good, you don’t want to slow down, right? That’s why Bausch+Lomb ULTRA® ONE DAY contact lenses have combined two technologies to create the Ultra Performance lens2. In fact, nearly 90% of those with physically active lives agreed Bausch+Lomb ULTRA® ONE DAY contact lenses made their eyes feel healthy1. While 74% of wearers said the lens prevented their eyes from feeling tired and fatigued by the end of the day1.

“I feel less dryness with Bausch+Lomb ULTRA® ONE DAY contact lenses compared to my previous lenses – they’re more convenient for my lifestyle” 3.


Ready to make the switch?

It’s easy to do a 5-day free trial of Bausch+Lomb ULTRA® ONE DAY contact lenses. Now is the time to get the most out of life.

The Science Behind the Ultra Performance Lens

Take on the best life has to offer with the next-generation daily disposable contact lens

Do these following scenarios sound familiar? You love the freedom of contact lenses, but at times you rely on eye drops to improve comfort; you reduce the wear time of your contact lenses because your eyes feel tired, or you settle for end-of-day discomfort. “People choose to wear contact lenses over spectacles because they perceive them as being a better fit for their lifestyle,” says George Grobe, Vice President of Global R&D at Bausch + Lomb. Whether it is playing sport, working long hours in front of a computer, meeting up with friends or enjoying the great outdoors, contact lenses can give wearers the freedom to enjoy what they want to enjoy. “So liberating can contact lenses make wearers feel, that they will at times settle for less comfort to be able to wear their lenses longer.  In fact, a recent study of 318 silicone hydrogel daily disposable contact lens wearers by Kadence International found that 82% were interested in a contact lens that could reduce dryness, and 70% agreed that they had to settle for less comfortable to wear their lenses the entire day1,” continues Grobe.

Soft silicone hydrogel lenses have indeed advanced since being introduced in 1998, but lifestyles have changed, too.  For many, the “go, go, go” of life today increases demands on contact lenses in terms of comfort, vision and eye health.  Long hours and long days can put a strain on both eyes and contact lens performance.  In fact, 74% of wearers blame their own lifestyle for their eye concerns1.

“We asked ourselves — What if we could do more for contact lens wearers and for their wearing experience?  What if we could do more for comfort from morning to night, more for vision, and more for eye health? What if we could go beyond today’s daily disposable contact lens constraints—to provide a whole new wearing experience, unlike anything patients have tried before?”  With this goal, Grobe and a team of researchers set out to develop a new daily disposable lens with exceptional performance2.  

What is new and innovative about Bausch + Lomb ULTRA® ONE DAY lenses?

After several years of research and development, the team created a new and innovative lens material, kalifilcon A, which is available as the Bausch+Lomb ULTRA® ONE DAY silicone hydrogel lens. The next-generation contact lens material integrates two breakthrough technologies, Advanced MoistureSeal® Technology and ComfortFeel Technology, to promote an exceptional level of comfort for a full 16 hours3.

The new material starts with a high moisture level of 55% water and maintains 96% of this moisture for up to 16 hours of wear4,5.

The soft lens material also has high-oxygen transmissibility, which helps to keep the eyes healthy and white6. “The surface of the eye the contact lens rests on gets its oxygen from the surrounding environment, so the contact lens material has to allow the eye to breathe,” says Grobe.

Unique approach to lens comfort and health

“The final step in the research and testing process was to find ingredients to support an outstanding level of lens comfort. The result is ComfortFeel Technology, which represents a unique combination of comfort and eye health ingredients, which are released during wear to help protect, enrich and stabilise the tear film7,” says Grobe. These two technologies work together to make Bausch + Lomb ULTRA® ONE DAY contact lenses as comfortable at the end of the day as at the beginning3.  They take contact lens wearers beyond their usual comfort expectations to give them the freedom to be who they want to be and to take on the best life has to offer8.  

Contact lens technology that goes beyond

Bausch + Lomb research has recognised that many of us lead active lifestyles that involve moving between air-conditioned offices, cars and gyms to outside where our eyes are exposed to the elements. The difference in humidity, temperature and air velocity can influence the evaporation rate of tears9. Furthermore, physical exercise contributes to loss of body fluids that affects tears10. “All of these situations can have an impact on the comfort of a lens11,” says Grobe.

“With Bausch + Lomb ULTRA® ONE DAY contact lenses, we’re aiming for two things – 16 hours of comfort and a stable and healthy ocular environment3,7, so wearers can have an exceptional wearing experience and live the ULTRA life2”.

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